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"A Las Cruces Paradise" 24 Loma Real Road

May 22nd - June 14th (23 day event)

4 Phase Estate Sale

Phase 1: Will be conducted by Appointment Only. 2 Groups Per Hour in 30 minute increments. . Face mask must be worn. You will be asked to social distance and remain 6ft apart while you are around other parties.

Phase 2: Online Estate Sale will be run concurrent with appointment-based sales. Please call and confirm item availability before any purchase. We will set the item to side as soon as we receive a payment confirmation email.

Phase 3: Half Occupancy sale will be held on site of location. Online Estate Sale will run concurrently. Access from the voluntary fire department must be available at all times. Therefore, only 4 customer vehicles are allowed to enter Ladera Canyon Road at a time. Volume of vehicles will be controlled by staff. Vehicle lines will begin at Sierra Vista Trail. No more than 5 people can be in one vehicle. Half Occupancy is set for 16 people; 12 Customers: 4 Staff inside location. Face mask must be worn. You will be asked to social distance and remain 6ft apart while you wait to enter. There will be one entrance and one exit. Large item purchases will be scheduled for pick up on June 15th and June 16th. We ask that you respect the community’s rules set in place as you proceed down Ladera Canyon Road. No loitering.

Phase 4: Auction on reserve items. Auction will be conducted as usual. Via teleconference. You must register with a cashier to receive auction info. You can register at no cost in person or by calling in to 575-222-3436. This Auction is NOT on site.


To our customers, you are the best!!

We want to sincerely thank all our customers who attended this event. We work hard to bring you great sales of this magnitude. To everyone who made it out and shopped with us online; we thank you beyond words. We appreciate you all!

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