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Introducing Penny Auctions (click here)

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Gold Mine Estate Sales, LLC presents

We are excited to bring you “Penny Auctions” a unique spin on the common phrase. All bids start at $0.01!!

To register:

  1. Click the auction link within our blogs located in our “upcoming sales” tab, or our “sales description” located on our homepage. (

  2. Select “Profile” icon in right hand upper corner.

  3. Select “Register“ from the top

  4. Register with Email or Facebook.

What to expect:

  1. Bids to be active Sundays at 9:00 AM and to end the following Sunday at 1:00 PM 7 day auctions) (Time extended 4 hours, originally 9:00 AM)

  2. All bidders are to remain anonymous and are systematically given a bidding pseudonym.

  3. All bids begin at $0.01.

  4. An easy, simple, experience.

How this will work in our live events:

We will still be holding live events and as always will have some items placed in the auction. What you can expect to be different is all "to be auctioned" items will now feature a QR Code that looks like this:

Using a cellphone you can use your camera to scan the code above (or code on the item) and it will take you directly to the link of the item or to our website. (**Android phones may require a setting to be configured). A direct link will be available on our website for those who wish to simply shop the online auction. The main point of having the items in our live events is so you have a chance to feel, see, and touch the items.

Auction Link:

Week 42 Auction:

Week 43 Auction:

Week 44 Auction:

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