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Mihail Chemiakin (b. 1943)



Rebecca with Custom Frame


Lithograph | Limited Edition 32/75


20 in. x 27.5 in.


Acquired from The Beverly Hills Gallery in Chicago Illinois March 11, 1996


Includes: Third Party Appraisal by The Beverly Hills Gallery in Chicago Illinois. Value: $6000.00 USD | Comes with COPY of Original Receipt as the lithograph titled “Metaphysical Self Portrait” and the item came purchased together. Purchased at $2,250.00 USD by our client March 11, 1996.


Value: $6000.00 USD

Rebecca with Custom Frame by Mihail Chemiakin

$3,200.00 Regular Price
$2,240.00Sale Price
  • Mihail Chemiakin

    "The Artist"

    Poet, Musician, Sculptor, Scientist, Philosopher and Folk Here,

    whatever you call him, he is no doubt a force to be reckoned with in the art world. So great are his talent he is one of the few artist working today who sets the standard by which all other contemporary art is measured.


    Born in Moscow in 1943, the son of a military officer and an actress, he showed early promise as an artist. When he attempted to take his art beyond the norm, he faced resistance from the authorities. Seen as a threat to the state, he was committed to an insane asylum, where he was reportedly tortured.


    In 1971, after an unsuccessful attempt to escape the country, Chemiakin was exiled from the Soviet Union. He lived for the next 10 years in Paris, where he created his famous Carnival at St. Petersburg and Ventre de Paris series, his bronze sculptures, mixed media "Metaphysical Compositions", and where his reputation grew as a French diplomats smuggled many of his paintings out of Russia. Now an American citizen, Chemiakin resides in New York.


    From the beginning of his career, Chemiakin has spent hundreds of hours researching visual objects. This led to the development of his theory of metaphysical synthesis (Webster's dictionary defines metaphysical as: 1, relating to the transcendent of a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses. 2 supernatural. 3. highly abstract or abstruse. 4. relating to poetry of the 17th century that is highly likely intellectual and philosophical and marked by unconventional imagery). Chemiakin seeks original sources and roots of artistic expressions of the past, then synthesizes them into something that is applicable to the present. Chemiakin's approach to art is like that of a great scientist.


    Chemiakin's research has earned him honorary doctoral degrees from the University of San Francisco and L' Academic des Arts Europeens in Paris. In 1984, he was admitted to the New York Academy of Science. One of the great museums of the world, the Hermitage, and the nearby Manege Museum, have announced that together they will host a major retrospective of Chemiakin's work in St. Petersburg in October 1995.


    One of Chemiakin's most popular and powerful themes is his carnival series. These works are really complex studies in form, texture, and masks. All of Chemiakin's work evoke strong emotional responses from the viewer, drawing him or her into the painting to experience it in an individual way.


    Mihail Chemiakin, a man once who nearly died for his art, now lives to reach all of us in an emotional way.

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