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Thank you all. We need a little break.

On Monday our family got its last nights of rest as our life was about to change dramatically over the next few days.

We had all just came back from two weeks of being back and forth between Las Cruces and Ruidoso.

We got home drained from the work and drive. Got our little bit of rest and woke up to our family dog - Our protector killed by three other loose dogs.

Adrian Madrid is the oldest of 7 siblings. Son of Pearl Hernandez & Cristobal Hernandez. When selecting our pets. It’s beyond us to consider any of them anything other than family. We are an extremely inclusive family and all animals means the world to us all.

SEVERUS DEPRI (Isabella Husky) - March 17th 2018 - October 3rd 2021

Due to pending services needing to be fulfilled we were able to pull the last events off to complete contractual obligations. However at this time we are no position to push off the time needed to deal with this family matter. We are asking for your understanding that we will not be returning until the end of October 2021. We are truly thankful for our loyal following and we know that you enjoy the events we conduct. We can’t wait to feel and be back to normal. It’s simply the matter that right now we need each other more than ever.

We try our hardest to remove the personalization of material that we produce and provided only related information needed. We don’t want you to wonder as we would rather inform you of what is happening when it happens.

I appreciate you all so very much and I am thankful for each and everyone of you who took a chance on a 22 year old and let him evolve into who I am today. I never want to leave your side and I will always be thankful for allowing us to do what we do.

Until next time, same face. Different place. As for now I have to be a big brother first, and a son.

- Adrian Madrid

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1 Comment

Chip O'Neal
Chip O'Neal
Oct 11, 2021

Adrian, Mom and I are so sorry for your loss. Mom has a little dog that we both dearly love. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. - Margaret and Chip

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