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What's New Gold Mine?

by: Gold Mine Estate Sales, LLC

We been busy these past few months with major plans rolling out. Some coming soon; and some already here. With all our updates we wanted to keep you in the loop and ahead of the changes.

Table of contents:

  • New Website Layout

  • Next Live Estate Sale

  • Next Online Auction

  • Shop our Online Store

  • Dallas Texas

  • New Services

  • New Hours

New Website Layout

We are excited to bring you a fresh new look as we have completely redesigned our website. The site is now more user-friendly and offers a better way of finding information needed by clients and customers.

The first improvement was to our site homepage. You can access the page by going to Here is what you can find on our homepage:

  1. 'Shop Estate Sales' button - takes you the latest event blog

  2. 'Shop Auctions' button - takes you the current auction link

  3. 'Schedule Consultation' button - for potential new clients.

  4. "Now Serving Dallas" button - information on Dallas TX launch.

  5. Events Calendar & Blog Overview (Events)

  6. Online Store with Available Items.

  7. Contact Information & Get In Touch Form

Followed by our Home Page changing we have also updated our ribbon (Menu bar) to offer you the following:

  1. Home - Takes you to websites homepage.

  2. Services- Drop down menu that list: Estate Sales, Auctions, & Staging by GMES (new service). Each pages serves as an information hub.

  3. Upcoming Sales Tab - find any type of sale that is coming up.

  4. Online Store - Completely updated with a new layout and new products that you can shop now.

  5. Resources Tab - A new section that offers Resources from finding pre & post service professionals that we work with.

  6. FAQs Tab - A section for all Frequently Asked Questions for our clients and customers.

Next Live Estate Sale:

Next Online Auction:

Shop our Online Store!

Dallas, Texas

New Services:

New Hours


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