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Estate Sales

Remove the items you want to keep, we will handle the rest.

These are your life investments. Lets do it right!

At Gold Mine Estate Sales, LLC we like to think of ourselves as an investment to our clients.  We offer the most cost-effective way to have an estate sale as our process and marketing produce the best results for our clients. Our clients hire us because they get the confidence in knowing their sale will be handled properly.

Whether you are downsizing, have become an executor of estate. or simply want to sale your valuables and begin new. We are the right team to help. In our industry there are no second chances. We get the job done right and provide our clients with highest return (ROI).

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There is a lot that goes into hosting an estate sale.

We know what it takes & we get it done right!

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We have a high demand within our service areas. We suggest getting on our event calendar as soon as possible. 

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